US Mobile Statistics

Statistics on consumer behavior with mobile devices in the USA. Last updated with market data from May 2013 unless otherwise noted. (To most easily read the table data, turn your phone sideways into landscape mode.)

Americans with their own mobile subscription
239.5 million
Smartphone owners
141.3 million
Non-smartphone mobile users
98.2 million

Mobile Channel Reach

American consumers practically reachable via marketing campaigns based on each mobile channel, as a percentage of all mobile subscribers. (For reasoning see "The Three Pillars of Mobile".) Data updated November 2012.

Channel Reach
Mobile Apps 54.0%
Mobile Internet 52.1%
Text Messaging 75.9%

Platform Market & Browser Shares

It's important to consider not just market share - the proportions of each device people actually carry - but also browsing share: what fraction of all mobile web browsing comes from each platform. These turn out to be different:

Platform Market
Android 30.9% 52.4% 39.3%
iPhone 23.1% 39.2% 48.6%
Blackberry 2.8% 4.8% 2.1%
Windows Phone/Mobile 1.8% 3.0% 1.1%

As you can see, iPhone users browse the web on their phones more frequently compared to people using other platforms.

References & Sources

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